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Markinuity Launches “VerifiedGarageDoorRepair.com” to Combat Scams in the Garage Door Industry

Verified Garage Door Repair

Homeowners are being scammed and small business owners losing business due to scam companies. Verified Garage Door Repair is designed to weed out scams.

These companies have been stealing from homeowners and local family-owned businesses for long enough. This is our first step to mitigate this issue.”

— Ryan Lucia

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Markinuity, a leading marketing agency renowned for its dedicated service to the garage door industry, announces the launch of VerifiedGarageDoorRepair.com. This innovative website aims to be the cornerstone of trust and integrity in the garage door repair sector, offering a beacon of hope for homeowners and legitimate businesses alike.

The garage door industry has long been plagued by scams, with unscrupulous companies exploiting emergency situations to deceive distressed homeowners. Despite efforts by the International Door Association (IDA) and other entities to combat these fraudulent activities, the problem persists. Markinuity’s new initiative is set to change the landscape by providing a platform where only verified and trustworthy garage door repair companies are listed.

Markinuity founder Ryan Lucia passionately states, “These companies have been stealing from homeowners and local family-owned businesses for long enough. This is our first step to mitigate this issue and put good companies in touch with homeowners in need of garage door repair services.” With his extensive experience in the marketing field and as the host of the Torsion Talk Podcast, Lucia is well-equipped to lead this vital initiative, aiming to educate the industry and protect consumers.

VerifiedGarageDoorRepair.com is more than just a directory; it’s a verification system where garage door repair companies undergo a thorough verification process. Once approved, these companies receive a badge to display on their website, symbolizing their commitment to honesty and quality service. The website will also feature a comprehensive profile for each verified company, making it easier for homeowners to make informed decisions.

The launch of VerifiedGarageDoorRepair.com marks a significant step towards eradicating scams in the garage door industry. By highlighting reputable, locally-owned companies, Markinuity not only aids consumers in emergency situations but also supports ethical business practices within the industry.

Ryan Lucia’s vision extends beyond this launch, with plans to roll out new features and benefits on the website over time, ensuring that VerifiedGarageDoorRepair.com remains the definitive resource for finding reliable garage door repair services.

Markinuity invites garage door repair companies committed to integrity and excellent service to join this groundbreaking initiative. Together, we can restore trust and ensure the safety and satisfaction of homeowners across the nation.

For more information about VerifiedGarageDoorRepair.com, to verify your business, or to find a trusted garage door repair service, please visit our website.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/706311842/markinuity-launches-verifiedgaragedoorrepair-com-to-combat-scams-in-the-garage-door-industry

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