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Post-Quantum Cryptography Is Closer Than We Think – Organizations Must Act Now, Says Info-Tech Research Group

Post-Quantum Cryptography Is Closer Than We Think – Organizations Must Act Now, Says Info-Tech Research Group

New research from Info-Tech Research Group will assist organizations in proactively initiating their transition toward quantum-resistant cryptography capabilities to safeguard security and the integrity of critical applications. 

TORONTO, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ – Anticipated advancements in fault-tolerant quantum computers, surpassing existing encryption algorithms and cryptographic systems, are expected to materialize sooner than previously projected. Due to the evolving situation, data that is presently deemed secure faces potential vulnerability due to the emergence of harvest-now-decrypt-later strategies. Ensuring the security of corporate data assets should be of utmost importance for organizations, but the complexity involved makes it challenging for organizations to incorporate quantum-resistant cryptography into their current IT infrastructure. In response to this urgent need, global IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group has released its timely blueprint, Prepare for Post-Quantum Cryptography.

“Emerging quantum technology holds the potential to tackle valuable problems that even the most powerful supercomputers will never be able to solve,” says Alan Tang, principal research director, Security & Privacy at Info-Tech Research Group. “As we venture further into the era of quantum mechanics, organizations relying on encryption must contemplate a future where these methods no longer suffice as effective safeguards. Organizations must proactively prepare for the development of countermeasures and essential resilience measures to attain a state of being ‘quantum safe.'”

The new resource explains that the endeavor of transitioning to quantum-resilient cryptography demands significant effort and time, with specific requirements varying for each organization. A lack of comprehensive understanding regarding the cryptographic technologies currently employed in existing IT systems poses further difficulties in identifying and prioritizing systems in need of upgrading.

To support IT leaders in their efforts to undertake substantial efforts in migrating an organization’s cryptographic systems to post-quantum encryption, Info-Tech Research Group has outlined a five-phase approach to the development of quantum-safe cryptography:

  1. Phase 1 – Prepare: Obtain buy-in from the leadership team, educate the workforce about the upcoming transition, and create defined projects to reduce risks and improve crypto-agility.
  2. Phase 2 – Discover: Determine the extent of exposed data, systems, and applications, then establish an inventory of classical cryptographic use cases.
  3. Phase 3 – Assess: Assess the security and data protection risks posed by quantum cryptography, followed by the assessment of the readiness for transforming existing classical cryptography to quantum-resilient solutions.
  4. Phase 4 – Prioritize: Prioritize transformation plans based on criteria such as business impact as well as near-term technical feasibility and effort, then establish a roadmap.
  5. Phase 5 – Mitigate: Implement post-quantum mitigations, decommission old technology that will become unsupported upon publication of the new standard, and validate and test products that incorporate the new standard.

“A task that currently takes 10 years to crack through in a brute force attack could be accomplished by a quantum computer in under five minutes, rendering the many existing security measures utterly ineffective,” explains Tang. “The utmost priority for organizations as we head into the quantum era remains data security and safeguarding sensitive information.”

Info-Tech Research Group advises IT leaders that embedding quantum resistance into systems during the process of modernization requires collaboration beyond the scope of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) alone. It is a strategic endeavor shaped by leaders throughout the organization, as well as external partners. This comprehensive approach involves the collective input and collaboration of stakeholders from various areas of expertise within and outside the organization.

To access the full research, download Prepare for Post-Quantum Cryptography

For media inquiries and interview requests for an Info-Tech Research Group analyst on quantum cryptography and preparing for the quantum era, contact Sufyan Al-Hassan, public relations manager at Info-Tech Research Group, at [email protected].

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Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/post-quantum-cryptography-is-closer-than-we-think–organizations-must-act-now-says-info-tech-research-group-301893603.html
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