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Evermos Named the 3rd NIKKEI ASIA AWARD Winner

Evermos Named the 3rd NIKKEI ASIA AWARD Winner

Nikkei Inc. announced that the Indonesian e-commerce platform, Evermos, had been named the winner of the third NIKKEI ASIA AWARD.

TOKYO, JAPAN, December 25, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nikkei Inc., Japan’s largest media group and publisher, announced that the Indonesian e-commerce platform, Evermos (CEO: Ghufron Mustaqim), had been named the winner of the third NIKKEI ASIA AWARD. Founded in 2018, Evermos provides online shopping services specifically to Muslims, who make up nearly 90% of Indonesia’s population. Nikkei will present a prize of 5 million yen and a trophy to Evermos, and it will invite the founder to speak at Nikkei Forum 29th Future of Asia, which is scheduled to be held in May 2024.

After careful consideration of diverse viewpoints from various parts of Asia, the candidates for the most recent NIKKEI ASIA AWARD were winnowed down to a single torchbearer of innovation: Evermos. The company has developed an e-commerce platform in Indonesia that supports the economic independence of women by creating jobs for those females in rural areas who lack employment opportunities. One example is by encouraging them to become business owners selling general merchandise and food products.

The four co-founders have shared an awareness of need to “change a situation in which logistics prevent small businesses from growing” since the company’s inauguration. Just as technology has changed the way small and medium-sized businesses and individuals conduct commerce in the U.S., they want to encourage change in their home country.


The NIKKEI ASIA AWARD is an award project established by Nikkei in May 2021 to promote the transformation of Asia and the world and to support the realization of a free and prosperous economic society. In 2021, Nikkei ended the “Nikkei Asia Prizes,” which had been awarded every year since 1996, and it shifted to commend individuals or groups, selecting the leaders of “innovation originating in Asia” from an “Asian perspective” based on diverse values. Selection is conducted once each year for fields such as business, research, technological development and social/artistic activities. An individual or a group responsible for a single activity is chosen as the winner annually. The prize is five million yen.

“Innovation from Asia” involves any novel and innovative activities that are started in Asia and led by people from and living*1 in Asia*2, creating a free and prosperous society by revitalizing the region and improving lives.

*1: Japanese individuals and groups consisting only of Japanese citizens are excluded.

*2: For the NIKKEI ASIA AWARD, the following regions are referred to as “Asia:”

East Asia (Korean Peninsula, China, etc.)

Southeast Asia (ASEAN member countries, etc.)

Southwest Asia (countries in the Indian subcontinent)

Independent nations in the Asia-Pacific region

About the Advisory Board

In order to reflect the diversity of perspectives in Asia, Nikkei has established the Advisory Board for the NIKKEI ASIA AWARD. The group consists of eleven experts from Asian countries, including Japan. Nikkei appoints experts from nations and regions with shared values such as democracy, liberalism, and market economy.

Advisory Board Members


Fujio Mitarai

  Chairman & CEO of Canon Inc.


Brahma Chellaney

  Professor Emeritus, Strategic Studies at the Center for Policy Research in New Delhi

Christina Soh Wai Lin

  Dean, College of Business (Nanyang Business School), Nanyang Technological University

Kayoko Hayashi

  President, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

John Piggott

  Director, ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), University of New South Wales

Masami Iijima

  Counselor, Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Shinichi Kitaoka

  Special Advisor to the President (former President), Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

Somkiat Tangkitvanich

  President, Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI)

Takehiko Nakao

  Chairman of the Institute at Mizuho Research & Technologies, Ltd.

Tetsuo Kitani

  Professor/Chair of Innovation Management Science (IMS) Lab,

  Office of Society-Academy Collaboration for Innovation, Kyoto University

Un Chan Chung

  Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea

*Members are listed in alphabetical order.

Winner Selection Schedule

An open call for nominations is issued on the official website once each year. (Self-nominations are not accepted.) Nomination of candidates for the 4th NIKKEI ASIA AWARD is scheduled to begin in January 2024. The winners are announced in December each year.



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Nikkei Inc.
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/677220607/evermos-named-the-3rd-nikkei-asia-award-winner

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