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Tweed to Power Intel Ignite’s Events Registration Platform

Tweed to Power Intel Ignite’s Events Registration Platform

Tweed brings digital payments infrastructure to in-person event sign-up and scheduling

NEW YORK, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Tweed, a web3 digital payments startup, is powering a new event registration platform for Intel Ignite, Intel Corporation’s global startup accelerator program for early-stage deep tech startups. The integration, built on the Solana network, is designed to streamline Intel Ignite’s event processes – bringing a deep technological approach to in-person events by creating a bridge between the digital and physical worlds of Intel Ignite’s startup community programming.

The launch gives Intel Ignite the opportunity to have a fully integrated event registration platform on its website, without the need for external third party applications, allowing for Intel Ignite to fully own the data and user journey on its digital assets. Using this platform, Intel Ignite will further build and grow its community of startups, founders and mentors, and scale their events around the world, in its startup cohort locations of Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe, as well as during global technology conferences.

For this new platform, Tweed’s embedded wallets and payment technology is used to tokenize each ticket as a unique non-fungible token that is certified on the blockchain. The platform is built exclusively on the Solana network, taking advantage of Solana‘s reliability, scalability, and efficiency.

As part of the Intel Ignite program, Tweed was mentored by Intel’s security and technology teams to shape their key management and overall product architecture. Guidance from Intel’s security experts spanning Intel’s mobile, TDX, and blockchain identity teams, was critical in ensuring that no encryption keys are stored on Tweed’s infrastructure. With this architecture, Tweed is able to offer the only wallet-as-a-service that enables a 100% self-custodial solution combined with seamless recovery. The collaboration has helped Tweed build enterprise-ready and scalable solutions, fit for both enterprises and SMBs entering the web3 space.

“Our goal with Tweed is to create a seamless and secure experience for every user. This product launch with Intel Ignite not only allows us to create that experience for the tech community and entrepreneurs, but also for an organization with which we have a deep personal connection,” said Michelle Latzer, co-founder and chief executive officer of Tweed. “As alumni of Intel Ignite, we have seen firsthand the value and strength of the ties forged by being part of this amazing program. Intel Ignite hosts a large number of events across conferences and continents, and they want to maintain a relationship with and provide utility to this real, worldwide community – something they can do more easily on a verified, traceable, and programmable blockchain network. We know our work will go back to further growing and engendering that community.”

The new event registration system is also a manifestation of a core principle of Intel Ignite. “This ticketing launch with Tweed demonstrates our commitment to the startups that have come through the Intel Ignite accelerator program,” said Alon Leibovich, Managing Director of Intel Ignite Tel-Aviv, of which Tweed is an alumnus of its 8th Cohort. “We are excited to see how the product has evolved and their success, and look forward to supporting Tweed as the company grows its solution set.”

About Tweed
Founded in May 2022 by Michelle Latzer, CEO, and  Julie Tauber, CPO, experts in infrastructure and payments. Tweed’s goal is to compliantly empower companies and their users to interact with blockchain technology simply and securely, across all digital wallet applications, including gaming, ecommerce, ticketing, and the arts. Tweed’s technology is a bridge between web2 and web3, providing a plug and play and white-label wallet and payment infrastructure that includes key management, wallet creation, and payment services. With 100% self-custodial key management, companies can onboard users globally and compliantly from day one. Find out more at: https://www.paytweed.com/

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Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tweed-to-power-intel-ignites-events-registration-platform-302178426.html
Images courtesy of https://pixabay.com

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