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“The Quant Box” Hedge Fund Super Engine 2023 Theoretical Performance: +32.8% Across 9 Sectors

“The Quant Box” Hedge Fund Super Engine 2023 Theoretical Performance: +32.8% Across 9 Sectors

Signal Subscription for Price of Cup of Coffee

NAPLES, Fla., Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Quant Box (thequantbox.com), owned by Jackass Banker, announces its quantitative, hedge-fund “super engine” called “The Quant Box” (twitter.com/thequantbox) which issues trading signals across 46 markets daily. Its subscription price for traders and investors costs about the same as a cup of coffee at Starbucks each trading day.

Coupled with The Quant Box is the launch of The Quant Box Model Portfolio, an aggressive virtual hedge fund which may trade futures, indexes, debt, currencies, and cryptocurrency, encompassing nine different sectors. Together, these two Fintech software platforms provide an interesting educational portal for investors. A two-week free trial is available.

During 2023, The Quant Box across nine different sectors, rose +32.8% theoretically (no margin used) vs. the markets’ 20.2% actual underlying performance, ranking it among the top funds. Even if Bitcoin‘s stellar performance last year was excluded from calculations, The Quant Box outperformed these markets +17.7% theoretically vs. 5.9% actual.

Robert Kelly (founder of Jackass Banker) developed this disruptive technology over the last seven years. It is designed for investors and hedge funds who seek to improve performance using The Quant Box’s advanced, quantitative algorithms—and easy-to-understand trading signals. 

“If you know how to drive a car, and you know what ‘Red Light,’ ‘Green Light,’ and ‘Stop’ signs are, then traders will immediately recognize the signals of The Quant Box, as its color-coded ‘Go Short,’ ‘Go Long,’ and ‘Stop’ signals make quick decision-making possible. I created The Quant Box for hedge fund ownership, but their techies blew me off in 2023. That gave me the idea of making The Quant Box available to a broader audience. Most people can afford a cup of coffee each day!”

Hedge funds make a living off 2% fees and 20% share of profits. For many investors and pension funds, “2 & 20” gets old, especially if their hedge fund is underperforming. The Quant Box provides people and organizations with a powerful educational tool to help manage their money. It has delivered interesting theoretical performance compared to actual market comps—across bull, bear, and flat, boring markets over five+ years of testing.

In 2019, jackassbanker.com performed a 90-day public demonstration combined with Mr. Kelly’s forecasting skills, achieving a 124% theoretical return using the software. To Mr. Kelly, the results revealed the promise of the software becoming an educational tool to be added to other research and analysis performed by investors.

The nine different sectors the “QB” covers include Equities, Treasuries, Metals, Energy, Grains, Softs, Meats, Foreign Exchange, and Cryptocurrency with application to futures, currencies, debt, and Index ETFs. Individual sectors cost $49/month without a commitment, and $39/month with a 12-month subscription. Introductory videos are at the website.

For $124.99/month (about the price of a cappuccino at Starbucks each trading day) a special deal exists for the first 1,000 “The Quant Box All 46 Markets” subscribers—offered exclusively through “The Trading Pit Pricing Plans” at www.thequantbox.com. Those particular subscribers receive The Quant Box trading signals, access to The Trading Pit, the Model Portfolio, and have potential for other benefit along the way. Interested traders and investors should read about The Model Portfolio and the trading signals at thequantbox.com.

Jackass Banker, LLC warns that trading, or investing in leveraged instruments across currency, financial, and commodity markets is highly risky. It is impossible to replicate the success of theoretical results found with The Quant Box in real-life trading. Readers are urged to read the abundant risk disclosures found at The Quant Box Trading Signals page and/or The Quant Box Performance page at thequantbox.com.

SOURCE Jackass Banker LLC

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/the-quant-box-hedge-fund-super-engine-2023-theoretical-performance-32-8-across-9-sectors-302065120.html
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