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The City Invests in Downtown Manteca with a PBID

The City Invests in Downtown Manteca with a PBID

New Manteca Travel Center in Downtown Manteca

Barbara Harb, The City of Manteca’s Economic Development Manager.

The newest mural can be found on the wall of a new comedy club opening this month (January) near the intersection of Main St. and Yosemite Ave.

A new Comedy Club is opening soon in Downtown Manteca.

A new Comedy Club is opening soon in Downtown Manteca.

MANTECA, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 26, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The City of Manteca is investing in the City with a proposed formation of a Downtown Property-Based Improvement District (PBID).

The City of Manteca has prioritized the revitalization of Downtown Manteca. “We realize an active city center that provides a safe, clean gathering place for friends and family is essential to uplifting Manteca residents’ quality of life,” said Barbara Harb, the City’s Economic Development Manager.

A PBID is a special benefits district whereby property owners agree to assess themselves in order to fund defined benefits above what is already provided by the City, and which is consistent with the City’s “Management District Plan.”

A PBID is managed by a non-profit corporation of stakeholders. “In the present case, the City has contracted with New City America to create a formal PBID, similar to other PBID’s that can be found all over the United States,“ said Manteca City Manteca City Manager Toni Lundgren.

“Downtown is the historic center of Manteca and preserving its rich history can be costly. The City has invested in murals that are representative of our community culture. Several murals represent our agricultural history and support the men and women who have served in our country’s international conflicts,” Lundgren continues.

The newest mural can be found on the wall of a new comedy club opening this month (January) near the intersection of Main St. and Yosemite Ave.

PBIDs often sponsor special events, maintain the cleanliness of the streets, or add seasonal decorations to attract more business to the City.

In October 2021, the City and NCA sent surveys to property owners in the proposed district to understand precisely what services they would like to see provided through the local PBID. The survey results indicated that the priority for downtown is cleanliness and safety, as well as marketing and positive promotion of the downtown,” Lundgren explains.

Using the survey results, NCA, City staff, and several property owners developed the Management District Plan (MDP), which outlines the funding formula and how the funds can be spent. The assessments for each property owner were then calculated.

The process that determines whether or not the special district will be formed is called a “protest ballot”. Ballots are sent out to all property owners whose property is located within the boundaries of the proposed district.

The vote is weighted by the amount of annual assessment; those who pay more will have a greater (weighted) vote. Property owners will be given 45 days to return their ballot and either support or reject the creation of the special district.

If the number of no-votes exceeds simple-majority, then the district will not be formed and the process to create the special district will end (thus, the term “protest”). If less than a majority of the weighted vote objects, then the special district will, indeed, be formed.

Lundgren points out that additional funding for Downtown Businesses comes from a $200,000 annual small business grant program for downtown, $100,000 in façade grants available to all businesses (including downtown businesses), and approximately $58,000 in sidewalk cleaning services already funded by the City.

Harb, the City’s Economic Development Manager, explains that during the COVID pandemic, the City Council authorized $5,000 grants to local businesses to help them meet their financial responsibilities, while they continued to comply with State restrictions.

“Since then, the City Council has continued to provide grants to businesses with a greater focus on downtown businesses, she continues, “In the last two grant cycles, the City has allocated $400,000 in grant funding specifically to downtown property and business owners, with a priority placed on attracting new entertainment and restaurant businesses.

Grants require a funding match by the applicant; the maximum grant award is $20,000. “To date, there are nearly $2 million in renovation and improvement projects taking place downtown,” said Harb.

About the City of Manteca

Manteca is a full-service City with police, fire, public works, water, trash and sewer services. For more information, call the City Manager’s office at (209) 456-8000, email: [email protected], or go online to https://www.manteca.gov.

Incorporated in 1918, Manteca has a diverse population of 88,772. Manteca grew at 24.4 percent from 2010-2020 and continues to grow at an accelerated pace. The City has 28,454 households with a median home price of $500,017. The median annual household income is $90,640.

City of Manteca
City Manager’s office
+1 209-456-8000
[email protected]

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