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PICOOC Introduces Next-Generation Smart Toothbrush for Customized Oral Care

PICOOC release new product PICOOC T1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush

Real-time Guidance for Effective Tooth Brushing

Real-time Guidance for Effective Tooth Brushing

Your Personalized Dental Assistant

Your Personalized Dental Assistant

Transform Your Oral Care with PICOOC T1: Your Personalized Dental Assistant

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — PICOOC, a leading innovator in personal care technology, is excited to unveil its latest groundbreaking product, the PICOOC T1 Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush, designed to promote a more complete and healthy lifestyle. The PICOOC T1 can seamlessly link to the PICOOC Care App, providing real-time interactive guidance based on the Bass brushing method. It is tailored to individual lifestyle habits and oral conditions, offering personalized brushing plans. Additionally, it can record and provide feedback on brushing cleanliness, fostering better brushing habits for healthier teeth.

PICOOC T1 Sonic Electric Toothbrush — Customized Oral Care
Key Features:
AI mode offers customized brushing plans;
The visual app provides real-time interactive Bass brushing guidance and cleanliness feedback;
Four brushing modes and three intensity levels cater to various brushing needs;
Up to 42,000 strokes per minute for deeper cleaning;
180-day long-lasting battery life with low noise;
Premium diamond-shaped brush heads for more effective cleaning.

Tailored Brushing Solution with AI Mode
The T1 toothbrush utilizes advanced algorithms, high-performance chips, and multiple-axis sensors to accurately detect various areas within the mouth. In AI mode, the toothbrush automatically adjusts brushing frequency and intensity based on different areas, user habits, and oral conditions. This seamless mode and intensity switching enhance the brushing experience, promoting oral health.

Real-time Guidance from AI Brushing Coach
Through the PICOOC Care App, the T1 toothbrush offers real-time interactive brushing video guidance, assisting users in mastering scientifically validated Bass brushing techniques for improved oral cleaning. With tooth surface AI recognition, area error reminders, and amplitude control, it safeguards sensitive gums and ensures personalized and effective oral care.

Recording Brushing Behavior and Analysis
The PICOOC T1 toothbrush can record the user’s brushing process, analyze cleanliness after each brushing session, and provide feedback on frequently missed areas and improper brushing behavior. This helps users cultivate good brushing habits.

Long-Lasting Battery Life
Equipped with a durable battery and fast charging capabilities, the PICOOC T1 provides up to 180 days of use on a single charge. Say goodbye to frequent charging and enjoy convenient oral care.

The PICOOC T1 toothbrush is now available on the official PICOOC website and Amazon. To discover more about T1 toothbrush, please visit the official website (https://global.picooc.com/).

PICOOC is a leading brand in smart health technology, dedicated to providing innovative health management solutions for users. Established in 2013, PICOOC offers a range of home and personal health products, including smart body scales, massage guns, and electric toothbrushes. With advanced technology and exceptional product quality, PICOOC is committed to empowering people with a healthier and better life.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/696770858/picooc-introduces-next-generation-smart-toothbrush-for-customized-oral-care

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