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Pastor Dave Hodges to deliver Easter sermon March 31st in Oakland during Spirituality and Beyond #4 and Art Fair

OAKLAND, CA, USA, March 18, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hundreds of visitors are expected at the 4th annual Spirituality and Beyond conference Saturday and Sunday, March 30th-31st, in the historic Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland, church leaders said today.

Hodges, Founder and Pastor of the Church of Ambrosia and Zide Door in Oakland and San Francisco, will address the theme, “Everything Happens for a Reason: What it means from the perspective of your Soul” during his Easter Sunday sermon. The Church of Ambrosia, a non-denominational church, has more than 100,000 members.

Hodges additionally will be among a prestigious lineup of speakers appearing at the Kaiser Center on Saturday, March 30. Among topics to be addressed: benefits of psychedelic plants to enhance spirituality, cutting-edge research in the field of psychedelics and beyond. The conference will include the church’s Magic & Mushroom Art Fair.

On Sunday, a writer for Forbes described Hodges as the “Prophet of Shroom,” writing, “Hodges founded San Francisco’s Church of Ambrosia on the belief that psychedelic mushrooms are a sacrament that can reveal life’s true purpose. Inside America’s largest—and trippiest—megachurch.” A link to the Forbes article by writer Will Yakowicz is listed at bottom of this page.

Writers, broadcasters, and podcasters who want to interview Dave are encouraged to reach out to the media contact shown above.

In addition to Dave, other speakers on March 30th will be:

Robin Carhart-Harris, Director of Psychedelic Division at UCSF, Dr. Carhart-Harris is a distinguished British neuroscientist, renowned for his groundbreaking research in psychedelic substances.

Lama Mike Crowley, Author of Psychedelic Buddhism and a revered teacher and writer. Crowley intertwines his knowledge of Vajrayana Buddhism with the use of entheogens and spiritual practices.

Zach Skiles, PsyD at Heroic Hearts Project, is a former Marine, a psychologist, and an Iraq veteran with over a decade of clinical experience serving veterans who have experienced trauma. Skiles is at the forefront of entheogenic drug treatments for veterans suffering from PTSD.

Mama Ayana Iyi, is known for her deep spiritual connections and her use of entheogens. She is a visionary matriarch of the Detroit psychedelic community. She is a modern-day witch with ancient sensibilities, utilizing entheogenic plants in her work as a Psychic and Medium, incorporating the teaching of fungi into her work to access the ancient worlds of the divine feminine.

Baba Moudou Baqui M. Ed. is known for his role as star pupil of Kilindi Iyi and for his expertise as a mycologist, martial artist, and advocate for the therapeutic use of psychedelics throughout the nation as well as in his hometown of Detroit.

Mitchell Gomez, DanceSafe, National Outreach Director, is on a mission to make the world of psychedelics safer, more informed and accessible. As the demand for such services grows, Mitchell and DanceSafe’s aim is to bridge the gap between the need for DanceSafe services and its capacity to provide them

For tickets & Information, visit eventbrite.com.

This art fair is included with the conference, but there’s a separate ticket for those who wish to attend only the fair.

Forbes article link:


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