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Jillian Switzerland Launches a New Collection With Top-Notch Perfumes Intangible and Fall in Lust

Jillian Switzerland Launches a New Collection With Top-Notch Perfumes Intangible and Fall in Lust

ZURICH and PARIS, Dec. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — European luxury perfume brand Jillian Switzerland has announced the global launch of its anticipated duo signature perfumes, INTANGIBLE and FALL IN LUST. The new collection, which follows the launch of the first signature perfume, COME OUT, by senior perfumer Mirella Pomina, represents the brand’s philosophy of olfactory art.

Inspired by the essence of nature, the fragrances use ingredients from top Swiss fragrance house LUZI and were bottled in Grasse, France. The product thus reaches another level of craftsmanship in all aspects: Jillian logo-engraved Zamac cap, hand-polished glass bottle, and transparent pipe, letting customers enjoy the artwork through the bottle.

INTANGIBLE, created by master perfumer Mark Buxton, is a unique scent that eschews the commonplace. Using his favorite leather note as a base, Mark continuously adds up other notes until he achieves the perfect balance of a color palette. This noble fragrance caresses your skin with a warm and fresh bouquet of floral aromas, infused with the richness of bergamot and mandarin and culminating in the sweetness of vanilla and caramel. Its fragrance is a warm embrace that fills the soul with joy, like a mellifluous love song.

Talking about the inspiration for INTANGIBLE, Mark said: “Tea time at the beautiful Sacher Hotel in Vienna: a lady joins the room while wearing a beautiful yet impressive violet hat decorated with a large matching-shaped feather array and sinamay hoops. Extraordinary, sumptuous, and wild. This memory is the muse for the perfume INTANGIBLE. Showing sophistication paired with courage.”

FALL IN LUST, a creation of the perfumer David Chieze, is an ode to the natural world, crafted with raw materials that evoke a mesmerizing and long-lasting experience. This scent is an exotic blend of pungent pepper notes, infused with oriental spices, and harmonized by the aroma of absinthe wine. The beauty of FALL in LUST is fully revealed as soon as it touches the skin. The fragrance is not intense but delicately caresses and silently seduces with sophistication, which makes the opponent fall deeper in lust. FALL IN LUST brings us back to a memory of David when he was wandering in the jungle of France. The smell of moist soil, moss, and resin from conifers filled us with refreshments.

Venturing beyond mere scents, the works of David and Mark transport connoisseurs to the realm of olfactory art, where fragrances evoke emotions and memories hidden deep within. This alchemy of scent is a profoundly personal and utterly distinctive experience, as no two souls shall ever perceive it in precisely the same way.

Founded in 2019, Jillian Switzerland is a Swiss perfume business that combines exquisite ingredients and Swiss craftsmanship to develop quality scented products. 100% of the company’s profits will be donated to afforestation in underdeveloped nations.

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Jillian Switzerland

Jillian Switzerland

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