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Free Holiday Gift from Tabletop Game Publisher Looney Labs

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Sign up by December 31st to be mailed a free expansion pack for the hit card game Fluxx!

The goal of the Holiday Gift is to thank our fans for another year of fun together! There are no strings attached, just a fun little gift to find in your mailbox and brighten your day.”

— Kristin Looney, CEO of Looney Labs

COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Looney Labs has announced their 2023 Holiday Gift. This year, Looney Labs will be mailing out an all-new PB&J Fun Pack–an 8 card expansion for use with any version of Fluxx that contains Bread, Chocolate, and Cookies… plus a promo card for Choose One (while supplies last).

Ever since 1986, Looney Labs’ owners, Andrew and Kristin Looney, have been making fun little holiday gifts for their friends and fans. Past holiday gifts have included Solo Fluxx, which makes every version of the Fluxx card game playable in solitaire mode; a print-and-play Halloween game called The Closest Ghost; and a seven-inch-square Peace Puzzle featuring artwork from the game Aquarius.

“The goal of the Holiday Gift is to thank our fans for another year of fun together! There are no strings attached, just a fun little gift to find in your mailbox and brighten your day,” said Kristin Looney, CEO of Looney Labs.

Fluxx fans around the world are encouraged to sign up for the holiday gift. The postage is paid by Looney Labs, and participants will not be added to any mailing list unless they request it.

“No matter what holiday you are celebrating, I hope that this little gift adds to the fun,” stated the game designer and co-founder of Looney Labs, Andrew Looney.

Sign up link: https://share.hsforms.com/16cOkZp58RQqqo8U3COU0hQcadwe

Requests are being accepted until New Year’s Eve and will be mailed out in early January.

About Looney Labs:

Looney Labs was founded in 1996 by Kristin and Andy Looney, a husband and wife team that gave up successful careers as aerospace engineers to pursue their hobby business full time with a mission to create fun. Looney Labs is now known for publishing award-winning card and board games that have that certain something that makes a game addictive, such as Fluxx.

About the card game, Fluxx:

In this unique card game, the cards in the deck change the gameplay so that no two games are the same. Start with the Basic Rule: draw on card, play one card. As cards are played, both the rules and the win condition will change. Meet the current win condition to be the victor! There are dozens of versions of Fluxx, from Anatomy Fluxx to Zombie Fluxx, each with the same basic game mechanics, but very different cards and gameplay.

About the party game, Choose One:

In this ice breaker party game, players get to know their friends a whole lot better! Will they choose Outer Space or The Bottom of the Sea? Do they prefer the Window or the Aisle? Are they all about the Party or the After-Party? Successful predictions of how the current player will answer these thought-provoking questions will lead to victory.

Other Looney Labs Games:

Looney Labs also offers Looney Pyramids, the innovative pyramid-shaped gaming pieces useful for hundreds of different games; as well as Loonacy, a rapid fire game where players race to be the first to empty their hand by matching one of two images with the images on the open piles in front of them; Chrononauts, where players are Time Travelers with Secret Missions, Secret Identities, and the very important job of Paradox Repair; and many more tiny boxes of fun.

For more information about the great games available from Looney Labs, follow @LooneyLabs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X and visit the Looney Labs website.

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Looney Labs
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Fluxx Card Game Theme Song by The Doubleclicks

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