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Enhancing Customer Communication – The Success Story of Quackenbush Hardware

The Shopify Chat app is very easy to use to communicate with customers. I have used it several times to answer questions for people. ”

— Brent Hoover

GENEVA, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — “The Shopify Chat app is very easy to use to communicate with customers. I have used it several times to answer questions for people.” – Brent Hoover

Quackenbush Hardware, a locally-owned store located in Geneva, New York, has proudly served the community for 40 years. They offer do-it-yourselfers access to tools, building materials, electrical and plumbing supplies, catering to a wide range of farm, home improvement, and repair-related projects.

Seamless Communication for Customer Convenience

While Quackenbush Hardware has been a cornerstone of the community for four decades, they remain at the forefront of technology in this digital era. Prioritizing seamless communication with customers, they recognize that not everyone prefers to call the store or visit in person for product-related queries. By incorporating the Shopify Chat app on their website, they ensure accessibility through various channels. This commitment to customer convenience led to the introduction of the Shopify Inbox app when they partnered with New Media Retailer to enhance their website seamlessly. All customers on the Shopify platform are now offered this added feature, facilitating easy and quick communication.

Empowering Purchasing Decisions

Research shows that 70% of Shopify Inbox conversations involve customers in the midst of making a purchasing decision. The app provides businesses with a more personalized way to connect with customers promptly. Brent has engaged with numerous first-time customers via the app, addressing various questions about the services Quackenbush Hardware offers, as listed on their website. Some inquiries were related to gutters, while others pertained to rekeying lock sets, and some concerned wood burners. Brent believes it’s an invaluable tool for swiftly connecting with both new and existing customers, ensuring they don’t take their business elsewhere in the community.

Staying Ahead with Technology for Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goal for Quackenbush, like any other business, is growth, and the Shopify Inbox app empowers them to seize booking or sale opportunities as soon as they arise, preventing any missed opportunities. As a result of implementing the Shopify Inbox app on their website, they feel they are maximizing their potential for success.

A Shared Commitment to Success

At New Media Retailer, we are driven by customer satisfaction, and our team of dedicated marketing specialists will collaborate with you to integrate the latest tools and apps, ensuring an excellent user experience on your local business website.

Janet Thomas
New Media Retailer
[email protected]

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/664365166/enhancing-customer-communication-the-success-story-of-quackenbush-hardware

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