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EarthWise Pet Introduces Innovative AI-Powered Pet Nutrition Advisor “Ask Erika” Utilizing OpenAI’s GPT Technology

EarthWise Pet Introduces Innovative AI-Powered Pet Nutrition Advisor “Ask Erika” Utilizing OpenAI’s GPT Technology

Bringing AI Innovation and Pet Wellness Together

WOODINVILLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — EarthWise Pet, the leader in holistic pet care and nutrition, is excited to introduce “Ask Erika” a revolutionary AI-powered pet nutrition advisor, powered by OpenAI’s GPT technology. EarthWise Pet is at the forefront of the pet industry, setting new standards in pet care and wellness.

While the pet industry traditionally lags in adopting advanced technologies, EarthWise Pet often breaks the mold and this time by harnessing the power of OpenAI’s GPTs to create “Ask Erika,” a tool designed to transform pet nutrition and wellness and now accessible to the more than 180 million Chat GPT users.

Ask Erika – Pet Dietitian” is not your typical AI solution. This GPT was specifically trained and developed with insights and training programs from EarthWise Pet’s Certified Pet Dietitians, who are experts in holistic and natural pet nutrition. “Ask Erika” empowers pet parents with information to make informed decisions regarding their pets’ nutrition and overall health without bias toward specific brands. It also allows them to gain this information quickly and remotely.

Chief Marketing Officer of EarthWise Pet, Dianna Bailer stated, “Our technologically-forward corporate team is committed to pioneering the best approaches for the future of our franchisees and corporate stores. Leveraging and embracing AI is a must and while we anticipate that other brands may eventually adopt similar trends, EarthWise Pet’s focus remains on providing the most natural and safe dietary advice for pets. It’s truly exciting to be one of the first to venture into this new realm and expand our commitment to innovation and the well-being of pets everywhere.”

Accessing Ask Erika and Enhancing Pet Health and Nutrition:

Accessing “Ask Erika” is straightforward for OpenAI subscribers. Simply visit: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-zNUQQJeCZ-ask-erika-pet-dietitian to explore the ways “Ask Erika” can assist you in providing the best nutrition and care for your dogs and cats.

About OpenAI:

OpenAI is a renowned research organization specializing in artificial intelligence. They have developed some of the most advanced AI technologies globally, including the GPT models that power “Ask Erika.” OpenAI’s mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits all of humanity.

About EarthWise Pet:

EarthWise Pet is a coalition of holistic pet supply stores committed to providing pet parents with top-quality products and services. With Certified Pet Dietitians on staff, EarthWise Pet is at the forefront of the pet nutrition and wellness industry, offering expert guidance and a wide range of natural and holistic pet products.

The EarthWise Pet family of brands includes; PetPros, PET DEPOT, Bentley’s Pet Stuff, Dee-O-Gee, Nature’s Pet, Bark Avenue, Loyal Biscuit, GROOMBAR, Wags to Whiskers, Furever Naturals, EarthWise Plus, EarthWise Vet and Reserve.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/680620681/earthwise-pet-introduces-innovative-ai-powered-pet-nutrition-advisor-ask-erika-utilizing-openai-s-gpt-technology

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