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Don Hinds Ford, Inc. Unveils State-of-the-Art Big Rig Service Bays

Don Hinds Ford, Inc. can now service large commercial vehicles of all kinds

Vehicle parts

The service department offers OEM parts such as Motorcraft® and Ominicraft

Certified technician

The technicians at Don Hinds Ford, Inc. are ASE-certified so customers know they have a true professional working on their vehicle.

Don Hinds Ford, Inc. now has maintenance bays and equipment large enough to service big rig vehicles.

INDIANAPOLIS , INDIANA, UNITED STATES, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Don Hinds Ford, Inc., a pioneering force in the automotive industry for over 60 years, is pleased to announce a significant improvement to its service options. This includes the introduction of state-of-the-art repair bays that have been carefully built to cater to a wide variety of large commercial vehicles. This renovation represents a noteworthy achievement in the dealership’s enduring commitment to innovation and client service.

Revolutionizing Big Rig Maintenance

The service bays at Don Hinds Ford have been meticulously designed and planned, establishing a new standard in the industry for maintaining large vehicles. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, the bays offer a new sanctuary for large commercial trucks in need of specialist care.
The service bays have ample space to easily accommodate a variety of large vehicles, including long-haul trucks, buses, specialty vehicles, and municipal fleet vehicles. The new service bays are designed with innovation and sophisticated capabilities to specifically cater to the different service requirements of these important transport vehicles.

Strategic Investment in Service Excellence

This expansion is a deliberate investment aimed at aligning with current service demands and predicting future trends in the sector. Don Hinds Ford, Inc. has willingly undertaken the substantial financial obligation to install these state-of-the-art service bays. In addition to increasing service capacity, the incorporation of high-quality diagnostic gear and repair tools in the new service bays displays a strong commitment to achieving exceptional quality and accuracy.

As part of the dealership’s dedication to sustainability and ecologically responsible practices, significant consideration has been made to integrating eco-friendly ideas into the operating components of these new bays. The dealership’s commitment to minimizing environmental effects highlights its position as a conscientious and progressive member of the community.

Customized Services, Unmatched Expertise

Don Hinds Ford offers highly skilled and extensive services for large commercial vehicles. The portfolio includes a wide range of services, ranging from regular maintenance to intricate repairs, all carried out by a team of licensed specialists. These highly proficient experts have completed intensive training specifically designed for the unique features of large trucks, guaranteeing that each vehicle receives the utmost level of attention.

Don Hinds Ford ensures the use of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and accessories that are specifically designed for large rig brands and models, demonstrating a strong dedication to maintaining high quality standards. By aligning with manufacturer standards, every vehicle is guaranteed to operate at its highest level of efficiency while simultaneously meeting safety and performance requirements.

Catalyzing Community & Economic Development

Don Hinds Ford’s recent expansion of its service solution is anticipated to have a beneficial and quantifiable effect on the local economy. The community’s vibrancy and prosperity will be enhanced by the creation of new employment opportunities resulting from this growth project. The improved service capabilities will additionally strengthen local economic activity by providing support to the region’s transportation and logistics sectors, which depend on the continuous functioning of large commercial vehicles.

The enhanced service capabilities of Don Hinds Ford are bolstering local industries, fostering a mutually beneficial partnership between the dealership and the community it has been serving for generations. The growth observed is a clear indication of Don Hinds Ford’s enduring commitment to its local community and the broader regional economy.

Positioning for a Future of Service Innovation

Don Hinds Ford, Inc. solidifies its leading position in car maintenance and customer service with the addition of new service bays. This expansion signifies more than just a conclusion, but rather a fresh start, demonstrating the dealership’s proactive reaction to developing client demands and a constantly shifting business.

In addition to these skills, the dealership is unwavering in its dedication to creating even more inventive methods to surpass the expectations of its consumers and the community.

Invitation for Engagement and Discovery

The media, local business leaders, and transportation sector officials are encouraged to schedule a visit to learn more about the new big rig vehicle service offering.

Don Hinds Ford, Inc. is a Ford auto dealership that has been serving the community since 1955. As a prominent dealership in the area, it continues to provide excellent quality vehicles, auto services, and auto parts to the greater Indianapolis communities. Don Hinds Ford, Inc. are experts at all things vehicles from new and used vehicles to maintaining them. For more information, contact the dealership at 888-271-8403 or by email at [email protected]

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/683522223/don-hinds-ford-inc-unveils-state-of-the-art-big-rig-service-bays

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