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Cority Launches Mobile-Enabled Permit to Work Solution

Comprehensive enterprise safety software integrates real-time proactive management and compliance of ‘high-risk’ work activities

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cority, a leading global enterprise EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) software provider has launched a new mobile-enabled solution designed to provide more oversight into dangerous work environments and reduce serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs) associated with high-risk tasks. The Permit to Work (PTW) solution enables organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of any permitted work scenario wherever their workforce is located – from employees working at heights or with anything with a spark or flame, to confined spaces and live electrical or energized systems. Integrated seamlessly with Cority’s other health and safety solutions, Cority’s PTW offering improves operational efficiency, maximizes compliance, and provides the critical oversight necessary to mitigate risk and protect workers.

PTW refers to a health and safety management system used to govern high-risk operational tasks and ensure procedural safeguards are followed. However, organizations that operate in high-risk environments often face multiple challenges when implementing a PTW process. These include: reliance on burdensome paper-based processes and manual approvals, time-consuming and resource-intensive oversight across a large operational footprint and distributed workforce, connecting outsourced workers to existing PTW processes, and maintaining compliance over ever-changing and localized regulations.

Cority’s Permit to Work Solution consists of powerful features that respond to these problems, enabling users to easily tailor workflows for multiple PTW use cases simultaneously while offering organizations enhanced data visibility into how well they are mitigating the risks related to some of their most dangerous activities.

“By offering leading tools to optimize their PTW programs, we’re continuing to empower organizations with better data-driven real-time insights to help them identify PTW issues earlier and guide them toward more targeted and effective interventions”, said Sean Baldry, director of product marketing at Cority and Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP). “The greater visibility customers will gain into the PTW performance through this solution will undoubtedly improve their ability to root out and address process gaps, before they can contribute to severe workplace harm.”

The full Permit to Work solution can be accessed from Cority’s mobile application, myCority, enabling front-line users to easily request, review, and approve permits; complete associated risk assessments; conduct related inspections of permitted work in progress; and complete associated corrective action wherever they are located. The PTW solution can also be paired with multiple other solutions across the company’s integrated EHS cloud-based platform, CorityOne, linking data available in related modules such as Contractor Management, Incident Management, and Audits & Inspections. This provides a comprehensive and scalable safety management solution, empowering customers to better manage multiple common scenarios involving permit-controlled high-risk work.

As firms look to reduce their serious injury and fatality exposure, PTW functionality is fast becoming a must-have feature, according to independent research firm Verdantix. In its Buyer’s Guide for Permit to Work Software, Verdantix stated that “EHS professionals that (it) interviewed consider PTW software to be the technology with the biggest potential to improve contractor safety.” 

Indeed, organizations managing PTW activities have traditionally found it difficult to monitor the status of these activities in a consistent and reliable way. Without more streamlined technology, PTW processes are highly manual and often paper-based, making it nearly impossible to know how many permits are active at a given moment, what activities and processes are being effectively followed, and where tasks may be going wrong. With a digitized, solution, like Cority’s Permit to Work, organizations can access real-time information and proactively commit to worker safety, ensuring the entire workforce can return safely to their families and communities at the end of each day.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/660962936/cority-launches-mobile-enabled-permit-to-work-solution

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