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Consulting Engineer Jeremiah O. Salvatore to be Featured on Close Up Radio

REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Recognized for over fifty-five years of contributions as an aerospace engineer, Jeremiah O. Salvatore has found renewed success as a self-employed consultant for such prominent organizations as the Boeing Corporation, Lockheed Martin, and several other governmental entities, including the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation in Mexico. Specializing in spacecraft orbit and attitude control systems, Jeremiah’s extensive experience in design, testing, and in-flight operations has proven invaluable since the onset of his career.

Initially drawn to a career in writing, Jeremiah undertook a dual degree program toward a BA at Columbia College and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science at the Columbia School of Engineering. A chance encounter subsequently led to his employment on a work-study grant with Hughes Space and Communications, currently Boeing Satellite Systems, where he would remain for thrty-eight years. During the early stages of his career journey, he further studied at the University of Southern California, earning a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1967 and undertaking three years of all required coursework toward a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering. He ultimately did not take the time to write a thesis because of his intense involvement with real time spacecraft orbital operations.

At Hughes, Jeremiah’s remarkable contributions included the design and implementation of nutation control and antenna deployment systems for a series of experimental satellites, the Application Technology Satellites (ATS), which were tested by NASA throughout the late sixties and early seventies. He also consulted for orbital operations on the first dual-spin commercial spacecraft, Intelsat IV, and received a Goddard commendation in honor of his role in erecting the ATS-4 satellite in 1968. Ultimately, Jeremiah was involved in the oversight and direction of over 150 spacecraft missions during his career with Hughes.

Jeremiah advanced to become a senior scientist at Hughes Aircraft in 1972 and was subsequently responsible for research and development in various areas of spacecraft stabilization, mass properties, and launch-to-orbit design and operations. His expertise in this role helped lead to the design and orbital operations of various new spacecraft, including the Pioneer Venus Multiprobe and Orbiter, the HS-376 communications spacecraft, and the Leasat wide body spacecraft, among several others. He was also the developer of what became an industry standard evaluation of fuel slosh on spinning spacecraft – an empirical time constant that helped ensure spacecraft stability for years to come.

In the subsequent decades, Jeremiah achieved further promotions at Hughes Aircraft as the manager of the orbital operations department, he directed all commercial launches from 1979 to 1992, including the deployment of fifteen satellites via space shuttle and STS recovery efforts for several spacecraft:

1. The revolutionary proposal for the 1984 space shuttle capture and return to earth of Westar and Palapa initially stranded in different LEO orbits, maneuvered for 9 months from ground stations on five continents, refurbished, resold, both re-launched in 1990 for twelve years of nominal service. Jeremiah received the Aviation Week & Space Technology Laurels for 1984, the National Space Club First Eagle Manned Mission Success Award for 1985 and other citations.
2. The 1985 STS capture, addition of turn-on electronics and manual deployment of a “dead” Leasat led to the first real time open loop ignition of a solid rocket perigee stage and a nominal mission.
3. The 1992 STS manual capture and resupply of a perigee kick motor for Intelsat IV stranded in 1990 by separating from its original PKM and the failed commercial Titan required the first historical dual active rendezvous between STS and spacecraft initiated at time of launch. After deployment, Intelsat was injected into a super synchronous transfer orbit and eventually operated on station above the Atlantic for over twenty-five years.

Jeremiah went on to serve as the chief technologist at Hughes, through which he continued to advise and trouble-shoot commercial spacecraft operations until 2002. His greatest achievement in this capacity was his proposal and direction of the first commercial double lunar flyby by AsiaSat 3 – though initially declared a total loss due to the failure of the Proton synchronous stage to fire, the satellite later transferred in ownership to Hughes and was salvaged by means of using the moon’s gravity as a double slingshot to return the spacecraft to synchronous orbit around Earth. For this, and other contributions, such as his continued excellence in space life extension operations for several other orbiting satellites, Jeremiah was honored with the Hughes Chairman’s Honors and a Boeing Special Inventions Award, as well as the Aviation Week and Space Technology Laurels for 1998.

Following his work at Hughes Aircraft, Jeremiah served as a senior technical fellow with Boeing Satellite Systems for over a year, contributing to further spacecraft recovery and life extension operations until his retirement in 2003.

Since then, he has continued to work as a private consultant and subject matter expert in various capacities. Over the course of his career, he has accrued over twelve US patents and contributed his knowledge in the form of several scientific articles on the nature of his work. He is about to launch a new website, “getajerry.com” with his belated fifty-year-old thesis, “First Order Newtonian Analysis of the Ultima Thule Celestial Marriage (Arrokoth)”

The success of Jeremiah can be attributed to his unwavering passion for his work, coupled with his unrelenting determination and diligence. His exceptional work ethic and commitment towards his goals have been the prime drivers of his accomplishments.

Jeremiah will discuss the parallels between college campus environments of the 1960’s, when he was a student, and the 2020’s, present day.

Close Up Radio will feature Jeremiah O. Salvatore in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday May 9th at 3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific

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