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Consortium of Korea’s leading webtoon companies saw 600k unique users mint over 4.5m NFTs on zkSync in just the first month

Highlights according to Dune.com

  • More than 4.5M NFTs minted in total
  • Over 3m total transactions
  • $122.13k transaction volume
  • Over 750k Unique Active Wallets

SINGAPORE, March 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HYPERCOMIC, the consortium of Korea’s top 4 webtoon productions and Netflix’s Top 3 Drama Production houses globally, today released a one-month progress update following their recent launch in the zkSync ecosystem.

HYPERCOMIC incentivizes fans to interact with, support, and grow HYPERCOMIC’s ecosystem IPs, using products powered by the zkSync Era blockchain. Along with the launch on zkSync came the launch of HYPERCOMIC Play, the Web3.0 Webtoon/Manhwa Reward App. According to Dune.com, in the first month following the launch, HYPERCOMIC saw over 824,000 unique users mint more than 5 million HYPERCOMIC’S custom NFTs on zkSync. HYPERCOMIC generated explosive NFT minting transactions and ranked 1# among all dApps in the zkSync ecosystem, also ranking #10 among all dApps for all chains. Holders of HYPERCOMIC’s NFTs will get a free view of the paid webtoons on the HYPERCOMIC dApp until April 1, 2024. Additionally, multi-language options, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and others, are set to be released to extend market reach. HYPERCOMIC is also set to work with the Pinkfong Company, famous for its Babyshark IP, as an extension of its IP collaborations. The BabyShark Dance video has more than 14 billion views on YouTube and was the most-watched video every year on YouTube from 2020 to 2023 (source).

The webtoon industry, along with its burgeoning IP market, commands a staggering $82 billion worldwide, showcasing its remarkable influence on entertainment landscapes globally. A noteworthy trend underscores its impact, with close to 40% of Netflix Originals’ Korean dramas drawing inspiration from diverse webtoon sources. Notably, HYPERCOMIC’s consortium stands as a powerhouse within this realm, annually releasing a prolific array of over 800 web novels and 60 captivating webtoons, as well as spearheading 20 drama and film productions. Its significant contributions play a pivotal role in not only shaping but defining the cultural fabric of the Korean entertainment scene, underscoring the profound reach and resonance of the webtoon medium.

Teddy Nam, CEO of HYPERCOMIC, said: “We are thrilled with the results we have seen one month into our integration with zkSync. Our community is interacting with our webtoon content more than ever before, and getting rewarded for doing so. We are incredibly excited to further develop our relationship with our community, powered by zkSync, and for HYPERCOMIC to continue rewarding our valued users.”

Rich Kim, Head of Web3 Entertainment and Media at Matter Labs, said: “The rapid growth of HYPERCOMIC is a testament to the demand for webtoons and the webtoons IP products and the advantages provided by Web3. It is always exciting to see wide community support for revolutionary products, and we’re looking forward to what comes next.”


HYPERCOMIC is a combined effort of Korea’s top 4 webtoon productions and Netflix’s Global Top 3 Drama production house (MStoryHub, Red Ice, Ultra Media, Content Lab Blue, and GnG Production) to realize its vision of IP3.0 – a Fan Incentivized IP Growth Ecosystem. It has rolled out the Beta version of the Web3.0 Webtoon Reward App ‘HYPERCOMIC Play’ and is preparing a Webtoon Launchpad where users can participate in IP production and marketing to receive rewards.

About Matter Labs

Founded in 2018, Matter Labs is one of the main development teams contributing to zkSync — a Layer-2 protocol that scales Ethereum with cutting-edge ZK tech, not only to merely increase Ethereum‘s throughput but to fully preserve its foundational values — freedom, self-sovereignty, decentralization — at scale.

About zkSync

zkSync is cutting-edge zero-knowledge (ZK) technology to scale Ethereum and bring crypto to the mainstream — reaching millions of developers and billions of people in need of a technological solution for achieving progress and prosperity. Deeply rooted in its mission to advance personal freedom for all, the zkSync blockchain network makes digital self-ownership universally available. It is trustless, secure, reliable, censorship-resistant, privacy-preserving, hyperscalable, accessible, and sovereign. To learn more about zkSync, visit www.zksync.io.

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Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/consortium-of-koreas-leading-webtoon-companies-saw-600k-unique-users-mint-over-4-5m-nfts-on-zksync-in-just-the-first-month-302085490.html
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