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Coloan Brands and Psych Me Out Launch ‘No Bad Energy’ Social Media Campaign to Spark Conversation on Mental Wellness

Brennan Williams, Dr. Alexis N. Ferguson, Dr. Garrick I. Beauliere

Surrounding yourself with positive influences and cultivating healthy habits to uplift your spirits are some of the daily principles we live by at Coloan Brands.”

— Brennan Williams, CEO and Creative Director, Coloan Brands

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — To combat the rising tide of mental health struggles and cultivate positive social communities, Coloan Brands and Psych Me Out are proud to announce the launch of its new social media campaign, “#NoBadEnergy Practices of Life” during Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond.

Founded in 2022 by Dr. Garrick I. Beauliere and Dr. Alexis N. Ferguson, Psych Me Out is a grassroots organization that aims to bridge the gap between Black generations and all things mental health from Black millennial experts in psychology.

The vision for Psych Me Out is to improve the Black community’s quality of life by inspiring individuals of all ages to care for their mental health. Dr. Ferguson recently became a licensed psychologist in New Jersey and Dr. Beauliere is in the process of obtaining his license as well.

The campaign for “No Bad Energy Practices of Life” will feature engaging visual content, personal stories, expert advice, resources, and inspiration for individuals to cultivate positive mental health practices. The interactive Instagram campaign (@psychme.out and @coloanbrands) aims to empower individuals to prioritize their mental well-being and build healthy daily habits.

To ignite positivity and encourage individuals to embrace their unique potential, founder and creative director Brennan Williams’ Coloan imprint has released its latest collection of #NoBadEnergy merchandise via the company’s apparel website, MerchByColoan.com. Coloan Brands is an award-winning, one-stop-shop agency for audio-video production, cultural programming, design, and brand merchandising.

“Surrounding yourself with positive influences and cultivating healthy habits to uplift your spirits are some of the daily principles we live by at Coloan Brands,” says Williams. “The No Bad Energy approach isn’t about ignoring problems, but rather fostering mental resilience and maintaining a positive outlook on life. It’s about choosing to be the gardener of our minds; nurturing the seeds of optimism, gratitude, and joy to blossom into weathering the storms of our lives.”

The multi-hyphenate digital media expert envisions the emerging partnership with Psych Me Out will help amplify more open and supportive conversations while combating myths in a world where mental health issues are increasingly prevalent.

“When the opportunity to take part in the No Bad Energy campaign was presented, saying ‘yes’ was a no-brainer,” explains Psych Me Out Co-founder, Dr. Alexis N. Ferguson. “As a psychologist, I often tell my clients that prioritizing mental health is an act of self-preservation and empowerment.”

“In a fast-paced society where stress and anxiety abound, taking care of our mental well-being is essential for leading a fulfilling life. No Bad Energy isn’t just a slogan or campaign, it’s a lifestyle choice,” she declares. “Whether through meditation, therapy, or simply setting boundaries, investing in our mental health allows us to navigate life’s challenges with much more resilience and grace.”

Upon launching the New Jersey-based grassroots mental health organization in 2022, Psych Me Out co-founder, Dr. Garrick I. Beauliere noticed an ongoing trend of misinformation shared on social media about mental health in the Black community.

“I assessed vicarious trauma in Black Americans that did not experience police violence,” says Dr. Garrick I. Beauliere. “Dr. Alexis and I knew each other before getting into our respective doctorate programs and periodically spoke about the misinformation being communicated on social media.”

“One day we decided to buckle down and establish an Instagram page, titled Psych Me Out. The page provided accurate information regarding mental health, in the context of the Black community, and the information can be receptive to those not educated or familiar with mental health,” concludes Dr. Garrick I. Beauliere.

To support ongoing efforts, 50% of the proceeds from “#NoBadEnergy” merchandise sales in May will be donated to Psych Me Out to support services dedicated to the mental health needs of the Black community and promote overall mental well-being.

For more information on Psych Me Out please visit Psychmeout.org. For more information on Merch by Coloan please visit MerchByColoan.com.

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