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Beachside Resort & Residences: A Brightwild Journey in Hospitality Excellence

Beachside Resort & Residences: A Brightwild Journey in Hospitality Excellence

KEY WEST, Fla., March 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Spottswood Companies is proud to announce Beachside Resort & Residences as the new brand for its flagship resort in Key West, FL. Formerly known as Key West Marriott Beachside Hotel, the resort will no longer be a Marriott branded hotel beginning March 5, 2024, clearing the way for Brightwild to bring its mission toward connecting people in real life to the forefront of the hospitality establishment.

“Over the years, our journey with legacy brands like Marriott, Hyatt, and IHG has shown us that the transition to a model like Brightwild is precisely what Beachside Resort needs to ensure that we remain one of the best resorts in Key West,” says Robert Spottswood, Jr., President of Spottswood Companies and Co-Founder of Brightwild. “We’re confident that with Brightwild at the helm of managing the resort, we’ll see improvements in the performance of the asset.”

“The outside world still largely views ‘hotels’ and ‘vacation rentals’ as two distinct things — the lines of which often lie in the eye of the beholder. This is the result of a category error. An attempt to define buildings, service methods, and quality of experience all on one axis. What we do is connect people, in real life, through the great experiences we create. That is my definition of hospitality and it is both our mission and product,” says Billy Spottswood Brightwild Co-Founder & CEO.

While the management of Beachside undergoes a transformative shift, the ownership of the hotel remains under the stewardship of Spottswood Companies, who first opened Beachside Resort in 2007.

Brightwild was conceived in 2019 to challenge the ‘status quo’ of travel and redefine what hospitality means by connecting guests to local culture and enhancing their experience through personalized service. “Whether it is a waterfront house, a condo above a bagel shop, a townhome on the beach, a historic mansion in Key West, or — a former Marriott hotel — we give our guests great experiences. We are not a vacation rental company. We are not a hotel company. We are Brightwild, and we create great experiences––Brightwild experiences,” said Billy Spottswood.

The management transition introduces exciting enhancements for guests, including improved amenities, streamlined services, and a more personalized touch to their stay. Tavern N Town, the beloved dining venue, will continue to serve memorable meals and drinks. Guests at Beachside will also have direct access to Brightwild Adventures, offering a wide range of watersports and activities through one of the only on-resort adventure platforms in Key West.

The shift to Brightwild heralds the dawn of a new era for Beachside Resort & Residences. As the largest asset manager in Key West, Brightwild is set to establish the gold standard for hospitality excellence, ensuring that Beachside remains an iconic destination for decades to come.


To book a reservation at Beachside Resort, please visit beachsidekeywest.com. For more information on Brightwild, please visit brightwild.com. For media inquiries, please contact Emily Bishop at [email protected] or 954-294-4570.

About Beachside Resort & Residences:
Beachside Resort & Residences, now managed by Brightwild, is a luxury property located in Key West, Florida. With a rich history and commitment to personalized service, Beachside continues to be a beacon of hospitality excellence.

About Brightwild:
Brightwild is a travel platform connecting people in real life through personalized experiences and standout stays. As the largest asset manager in Key West, Brightwild is committed to delivering exceptional experiences, preserving the unique identities of its properties, and setting new standards for guest satisfaction.

About Spottswood Companies:
Spottswood Companies, Inc. (SCI) is a diversified, family-owned organization based in Key West, Florida, with investments spanning real estate, timesharing, marinas, hospitality, construction, broadcasting, and banking. Specializing in real estate development, management, and hospitality, SCI is committed to creating superior products that exceed customer and guest expectations while maximizing risk-adjusted returns.

SOURCE Brightwild

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/beachside-resort–residences-a-brightwild-journey-in-hospitality-excellence-302081331.html
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