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Automata collaborates with AltLayer to Build Automata 2.0: The First Modular Attestation Layer

SINGAPORE, Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AltLayer, a decentralized interlayer for rollups, has announced a strategic partnership with Automata Network to build Automata 2.0, the first modular attestation layer 2 for the Ethereum ecosystem. The project enables on-chain verification of heavy-weight computation through proof-of-machinehood and will use AltLayer’s rollups to achieve scalability. Automata Network enables restaking for verifiers via AltLayer’s integration with EigenLayer.

Automata 2.0 represents a huge leap forward in the evolution of modular architecture. It leverages silicon-based attestations, enabling hardware capabilities like secure enclaves to establish machine uniqueness and anchor trust. This creates a robust chain of trust without requiring the commitment of computation or capital.

AltLayer’s Rollup-as-a-Service offers a simple and convenient pathway to deploy Automata 2.0. The modular design of AltLayer’s optimistic rollups is well-suited for aggregating machine attestations. Developers can easily customize parameters like block time, gas limits, and VM runtime using AltLayer’s dashboard or APIs.

Deli Gong, Co-Founder, Automata Network said: “Altlayer is our preferred choice for a comprehensive rollup toolkit solution – it’s ready to deploy immediately. It significantly minimizes our operating costs associated with managing Layer 2 while simultaneously enhancing security, scalability, and extensibility. The level of innovation we’ve witnessed with Altlayer surpasses our highest expectations.”

By harnessing these rollup capabilities, Automata 2.0 conducts attestations, aggregating them into a single state root periodically committed to Ethereum. This state root represents the collective attestations, providing a compressed on-chain representation. Integration with EigenLayer unlocks another benefit, enabling Automata 2.0 to leverage ETH restakers for validation services. Restakers who opt into Automata 2.0 earn additional yield by verifying attestations, while their staked ETH can be slashed for malicious behavior. This expands the security of Ethereum to the Automata Network while avoiding the need for a separate staking token.

Speaking on the project, Dr. Amrit Kumar, COO, AltLayer said: “This collaboration is history in the making for modular blockchain infrastructure. Automata 2.0 is the first global attestation layer of its kind tapping into a trust-based network of machines, and the power of zero-knowledge proofs. We look forward to seeing it in action – specifically how our rollup products can enhance the networks’s off-chain and on-chain use cases.”

AltLayer will manage components like fraud proofs, decentralized sequencers, and bridges back to Ethereum. They ensure the rollup state is valid, preventing the need to reinvent lower-level rollup mechanics. Additionally, Automata 2.0 can integrate AltLayer’s interoperability solutions to bridge attestations to other chains, enhancing portability across ecosystems.

The testnet for 2.0 has been successfully deployed. Automata Network invites all builders and users to experience Optimistic Attestation for themselves at https://pom.ata.network/ 

About AltLayer

AltLayer is an open and decentralized protocol for developers to launch highly elastic application-tailored rollups. The AltLayer protocol consists of a core network called the Beacon Layer that serves as a common sequencing, execution, and verification network for all rollups enshrined to it. Built on top of this protocol, AltLayer offers a no-code Rollups-as-a-Service dashboard that allows not only developers but also those with little to no coding experience to spin up a customized rollup within 2 minutes with only a few simple clicks.

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About Automata Network

Automata Network is a modular attestation layer that extends machine-level trust to Ethereum by leveraging optimistic rollups and zero-knowledge proofs in its Proof of Machinehood approach. The application-specific rollup allows on-chain verification for out-of-protocol computation, which creates an unbroken chain of trust that extends upwards through the entire Web3 stack.


Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/automata-collaborates-with-altlayer-to-build-automata-2-0-the-first-modular-attestation-layer-301913651.html
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