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AnniQ Provides Marketing Services to Help Hotels Navigate the Hospitality Seas

AnniQ Provides Marketing Services to Help Hotels Navigate the Hospitality Seas

4 Ships of digitalization in hospitality by AnniQ

A guest experience story about hyperpersonalization at any touch point at the hotel

A guest experience story about hyperpersonalization at any touch point at the hotel

A hotel in the digital era engaging with the guests

A hotel in the digital era engaging with the guests

4 stages of hotel digitalization. From wooden ships to intergalactic experiences

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the vast ocean of the hospitality industry, digitalization can be likened to the evolution of ships through ages. Each type of ship represents a distinct level of digital maturity in hotels, mirroring their journey through the tumultuous waters of today’s market challenges.

Level 1 – The Wooden Ship of Conquests

A hotel resembles a sturdy wooden ship, navigating through traditional methods. Rely on conventional advertising, with limited online presence. Guest interactions are mostly manual, and data is either underutilized or not used at all.

Imagine a reception area with basic PMS for booking and marketing strategies.

Level 2 – The Steamship Era

A hotel has now evolved into a steamship. Started using digital tools, but they are basic like spreadsheets for tracking anything. A website, but it’s more informational than interactive. Ventured into social media, but it’s not strategically used for engagement or data collection.

Increasing in online bookings, but they’re mostly through OTAs, which cut into profits.

Level 3 – The Luxury Cruise Liner

The Hotel is now using advanced digital tools and strategies. Interactive website, a strong presence on various digital platforms, and starting to use data to enhance guest experiences.

Marketing is more targeted, based on guest data. Improvements in guest satisfaction and repeat visits, but sense there’s potential for even more personalization and real-time engagement.

Level 4 – The Intergalactic Luxury Ship

A hotel has transcended to an intergalactic luxury ship level. It’s not just about using technology; it’s about pioneering it. AI and machine learning for predictive personalization, and anticipate market trends.

Guests receive personalized recommendations even before they ask. Operations are streamlined with AI, allowing staff to focus on creating unique experiences.

Navigating the 2024 Hospitality Challenges

Navigate through the evolving hospitality landscape of 2024, hotels are encountering a myriad of challenges that are shaping their operations and strategies.

1. OTA Dominance and Direct Booking Strategies: Developing a strong digital presence and direct booking capabilities is key to reducing reliance on OTAs. This includes optimizing the hotel’s website, improving SEO, and utilizing digital marketing to drive direct bookings. Employing AI and data-analytics to understand guest preferences and tailor marketing efforts can make a hotel stand out in a crowded marketplace.

2. Contactless Smart Technology Integration: Utilizing digital platforms for contactless services, such as mobile check-ins and touchless payment options, is essential. Integrating these technologies into a hotel’s digital ecosystem enhances guest experience and operational efficiency.

3. Storytelling through Digital Marketing: Digital platforms offer an opportunity to engage guests with compelling brand stories. By powering social media, blogs, and email marketing with AI and data, hotels can effectively share their stories and connect with guests on a deeper level.

The Hotel as the Hero

In this turbulent sea, hotels must become heroes of their own story. Partnering with AnniQ is akin to gaining a seasoned navigator and a sophisticated GPS system. Understand digital maturity level and provide tailored strategies to harness data, improve guest experiences, and profitability.

Level 1 – The Wooden Ship: Beginning the Digital Voyage

A hotel as a sturdy wooden ship, reliable yet untouched by the advancements of the digital era. Sails are set, but the winds of modern technology are yet to fill them.

Here, steps in as the skilled navigator, introducing the first digital tools and cultural change. The focus is on identifying and understanding main buyer persona. Leverage data to guide marketing actions, setting a course for a journey deeply rooted in data-driven decision-making. The hotel starts to chart a path towards a digitally enlightened future.

Level 2 – The Steamship: Advancing Through the Digital Fog

A hotel has now progressed to a steamship, with steam-powered engines of basic digital technology.

In this phase, streamline existing digital efforts, integrating and enhancing them with more sophisticated technologies. The goal is to achieve data centralization, actively employing hotel analytics and customer intelligence to anticipate user behavior. This stage is about fine-tuning digital capabilities, making operations smoother and more predictive of guest needs and preferences.

Level 3 – The Luxury Cruise Liner: Sailing Towards Personalized Horizons

As a luxury cruise liner, hotel is equipped with advanced digital tools and is navigating with confidence.

Guide hotel in leveraging digital assets to deepen understanding of guest preferences. This stage is about creating customized experiences for the guests, anticipating their needs, and exceeding their expectations. Insights allow to tailor every aspect of the guest experience, from personalized room settings to bespoke service offerings, ensuring that every guest feels uniquely valued.

Level 4 – The Intergalactic Ship: Navigating the Future of Hospitality

A hotel transcends traditional boundaries, akin to an intergalactic ship. Not just utilizing technology; at the forefront of innovation in hospitality.

This stage is where profound understanding and knowledge of guests and their contexts come into play. Map different buyer personas depending on the moment and situation of each guest, engaging on an emotional level. The hotel becomes a realm where every service, every interaction is tailored to resonate deeply with the individual needs and preferences of each guest.

A Path to Hotel’s Digital Destiny

Be one of the few hotels that transcend the ordinary, that leverage the power of digitalization to offer memorable and personalized guest experiences. But be aware, not all hotels qualify for this transformative journey.

Curious about where hotel stands in this digital era? Register for a session with AnniQ, unlock an assessment to discover hotel’s current digitalization level.

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Will digital transformation be a thing of the past?

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