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Amateur Researcher Uncovers the Zodiac’s Profound Connection to Seasonal Breeding and Human Gestation

The Fertility Wheel, without the scales.

Symbols on the Zodiac represent common seasonal breeders of the Fertile Crescent, like horses, lizards, sheep, goats, and cattle, and their peak mating times.

UNITED STATES, September 1, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — What if the Zodiac was actually a perpetual farmers almanac? Is it a message or guide from ancient Mesopotamia?

The wheel revolves around the rhythms of common seasonal breeding animals of the Fertile Crescent and the duration of a human gestation period, demonstrating the Fertility Wheel concept. It also highlights food and survival. Cattle symbols show mating times and provide guidance on optimal planting times, while the man represents the harvest. The water indicates the time of potential floods, and all the remaining symbols serve their purpose of conveying important seasonal messages.

Stephen D. Manning was the first to understand that the symbols on the Zodiac represent common seasonal breeders of the Fertile Crescent, like horses, lizards, sheep, goats, and cattle. The woman or maiden gives birth to newborns or “the twins” nine months later, indicating the fundamental message of the wheel as a guide to fertility.

A brief summary of the signs in their new Fertility Wheel positions is below. For a much more detailed explanation, please go to www.fertilitywheel.com.

The wheel at every location in the northern hemisphere will have the horse right before the summer solstice and the sheep right after the fall equinox to coincide with the rut. Turning the existing wheel or changing the month to match the animals with their peak mating times aligns the animals to their correct month.

May 22 – June 21: Horse & Man

Mares are long-day breeders. Light is the controlling factor in mares coming into heat. The mating season of the horse is during June’s lengthening daylight.

The man also has meaning, represented in the harvest, as this is the peak time to harvest barley, rye, oats, and both spring and winter wheat.

June 22 – July 21: Spiny-tailed Lizard (previously, the Goatfish)

Spiny-tailed lizards are long-day breeders, and their peak mating is in July, making this a perfect fit for the Fertility Wheel and the primary time to catch them. They are known as the fish of the desert, so the goat-fish is an appropriate name.

July 22 – August 21: Tipped Vase, uncontrolled water

These regions are prone to flash floods from June to September, Egypt still celebrates the flood every year on August 15th.

August 22 – September 21: Two fish

You do not breed fish. You catch and eat fish. In some locations, you can fish any time, but this month provides food for the coming winter months. August through September is the prime fishing season for many species of fish. Smoking and salting fish for the winter and bad weather, therefore, it is beneficial to maximize fishing at this time.

September 22 – October 21: Sheep or Goat

Sheep and goats are short-day breeders, and shorter days trigger the mating season, commonly known as the rut in many species. Birth in several species typically occurs shortly after new green growth appears, which provides food for the females and allows them to produce milk for their young. The warmer temperature during spring reduces the risk of the young becoming hypothermic.

October 22 – November 21: Cow, Bull, Ox

Cattle must be shown here for the wheat planting season. This is an important time for planting certain important grains, and these animals are crucial to this process in many ways. Depending on your location and animals, less than 20% of cows breed at this time, with necessity or weather being the top reasons.

November 22 – December 21: Newborns

The woman and newborn “twins” represent the human gestation time. The representation of newborns or “the twins” arriving nine months after the sign for Virgo or the woman or maiden is an important indicator of the purpose of the Fertility Wheel.

Using the term “newborns” instead of “twins” and depicting them as such is a meaningful and impactful change.

December 22 – January 21: Crab

The primary season for all crab species is October through January, when they’re often at their largest and populations are highest after spawning. Since food was not being produced at this quieter time in the agricultural cycle, this alternate source of sustenance could be life-saving at this time of year.

January 22 – February 21: Lion

Cats are known to be seasonal breeders and have specific periods during which they are more likely to mate. In general, cats are influenced by the changing seasons and daylight length. In the Northern Hemisphere, the typical Lion mating season begins just after the winter solstice in National reserves in Africa. Increased awareness becomes essential to mitigate potential dangers.

February 22 – March 21: Maiden, Woman, Goddess

The woman and newborn “twins” represent human gestation time

Ancient Mesopotamian culture celebrated the love between Inanna and Dumuzid from February through March, and that lines up with their new placements on the wheel. Inanna brought fertility to the land and helped agricultural success.

Inanna is the Mesopotamian goddess of fertility, procreation, and childbirth. She is a perfect representation of the woman on the wheel. The original definition of the word “virgo” had nothing to do with sexuality.

March 22 – April 21: Cow, Bull, Ox

Cattle in many areas are known to be seasonal breeders. Most cattle in temperate climates reproduce at this time. Additionally, this corresponds to wheat planting season, during which time these animals become an extremely important and helpful part of the agricultural processes.

April 22 – May 21: Scorpion

Scorpions mate during spring and summer. Three of the most deadly scorpions in the world are found in the Fertile Crescent, They are an important part of the Wheel and the concept of survival.

The Fertility Wheel elegantly depicts the cycles of seasonal breeders, the human gestation period, the best chances for growing and hunting food, and the most common life-threatening dangers. This new perspective does not need to replace the existing Zodiac but instead offers a different window into our civilization’s past and a way to survive without power and organically knowing the earth’s and the animals’ rhythms.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/653151106/amateur-researcher-uncovers-the-zodiac-s-profound-connection-to-seasonal-breeding-and-human-gestation

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